Peter Remiger

Hi there. My name is Peter. I’m a musician / songwriter / audio engineer from the land of sky blue waters, the great state of Minnesota.

Creative music production is my passion. I’ve made records in recording studios, cathedrals, basements, and bedrooms… pop, rock, classical, jazz, folk, experimental… it’s the spirit of the work that’s important to me, not the location or classification. A pristine, hi-fi capture can be just as fruitful as bending or breaking sound into new musical territory - it just depends on where you want to go.

Right now I’m the facilities and operations manager at the University of Minnesota School of Music and Ted Mann Concert Hall, but I cut my teeth as the manager of one of the largest recording complexes in the region at the former McNally Smith College of Music.

You know what else is neat? Bikes, books, pizza, and long, quiet walks through the woods. Want to make some music, or maybe go for a ride around the lake? Hit me up.

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